Home Security System Types And Kinds Of Connections

Choosing a wireless security system for your home is overwhelming task and one needs to choose it after carrying out a thorough research. In this article, let us first understand the types of home security system Houston available in the market and their benefits.

Types of wireless home protection system

  • Monitored
  • Self monitored

Home security system depends on three kinds of connections.

  1. Landline or wired
  • Running wireless system via landline is the cheapest alternative but you cannot leverage on smart home security system. Your home is vulnerable because of the possibility of burglars cutting the wires.
  • Landline system is more reliable because they don’t rely on internet connection or cellular signals, during outage.
  1. Cellular
  • In a cellular security system the signals are transmitted to cellular tower.
  • It is a speedy method in comparison.
  • In addition, you don’t need to be concerned about wires getting cut. Just have backup battery, so that the system works well, during power cuts.
  • Homeowners can gain extra benefit from remote automation.
  1. Broadband
  • Broadband and cellular systems are similar
  • The only difference is that broadband system uses broadband connection for transmitting signal and not cellular tower.
  • Signals from broadband are four times faster than landline. It means you will surely get help sooner.

Why go wireless?

  • Installation is quick and effortless
  • Saves on installation cost
  • Convenient DIY project
  • Sensors just need to be fixed using adhesive backing
  • No need to run wires around or make holes in the walls
  • Extra protection with proper installation and management.

Today, wireless home defense systems have enhanced significantly. Traditional, passive motion detectors, trip sensors, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, CCTV, and light controllers can be incorporated with wireless security system.